Sunday, March 29, 2015

088 - The Sunday Rain

How long has it been since I've written here? Yet it is still here. With all the new social media, it seemed blogs have been surpassed. However, there are no better medium to write stories than here. So here I go.
Today is Sunday, 29th of March 2015, when I decided to do something I rarely do, and encountered an experience which I never expected.
So there I was sitting lazily in my room watching some gaming videos on YouTube when a spark lit in me to go for some slow jog on the nearby hill. That and the fact that I am going for a vacation in two weeks to an island and I want to be in the best of shape.
5:30pm - I put on some loose clothes and grab my keys to go out. Everything was routine, not expecting anything, just the visual of me relaxing on top of the hill with a breathtaking view.

Lou on top of the hill
6:00pm - I arrived at the top of the hill after a 30minute hike on foot. The view was as usual marvelous. As the gust blows mildly, taking the tiring breath away and the mild evening sun kissing my skin. I put on some old school musics from The Ink Spots (thank you Fallout 3 for introducing me to this golden charm).

Consider listen to this song, guys

It was paradise, and there I was in it, basking in it's moments.

6:20pm - Suddenly a chopper from nowhere came and circles around the neighbourhood. It swooped by once, I took my monocular and look at it closely, trying to identify it. Then it swooped by again, the second time, and I got curious on what is it searching.
The it swooped by the third time and closer to me, so I grab my phone, attached the monocular and snapped a picture of it.
I wonder what it was searching
Then after that third fly-by it flew away north, at that is where I saw the rain clouds and multiple lightnings. So I enjoyed one last music, pack up and descent the hill.
6:30pm - As I was about to leave, rain came, and it came with a vengeance. A trickle turns into a downpour almost instantly. As thunder began, fear sets in. For the first time in my life I was actually scared of getting hit by lightning. Being so high on a very cleared hill, that chance is high, so I walk close to whatever trees and coverings I could find.
As the rain gets heavier, I'm worried of the state of my devices, my phone, my tablet, my power bank, so I stopped for a moment, went into the bushes, looking for something. Lucky for me to find some pandan plants that naturally have a water-repellent effect, so I grab some of the leaves, wrapped my devices with it and move on.

6:45pm - The rain isn't stopping, but I was neither scared or worried any more. Being already wet, I just walk leisurely and play with the downstream I found on the road. I thought to myself, "We have no control over this, we are just living in it, just like everything else".
7:00pm - As I walked past a gas power plant, a man whistled at me. He was sheltering under a roofed car park, I decided to join him as this rain has no indication of stopping. So I met with this uncle who also happens to jog up the hill but never make it due to the rain, we talked a bit about the thunder, the exercise and his stories.
We chatted quite a bit, and it turned spiritual, and inspirational. He shared his insight of the world around us, and how connected we are to it. As the rain subsides, we walked together to the exit while continue chatting. Soon as I arrived at my motorcycle we bid our farewells.

7:30pm - As I see him walked away, I wondered what a day it had been. It reminded me on how I was almost not going to go out this evening because I'm lazy. If I were to do that, maybe as the rain falls, I would thank to myself for not going out and ruined a good lazy weekend.
But that rain did not ruin one bit of the day, it actually made it better.
So that was my adventure, it was nothing compared to great journeys and travels, but to find something so beautiful and spiritual right in my backyard was definitely a great thing in my book.

Adventures is not about where it is, but what it feels. Your mundane outings to the grocery might turned into a mini adventure itself if you give it a new look.
Go out, you never know when an adventure will come.
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