Friday, April 8, 2011

087 - PakGuard UiTM PWNED

Orang ni memang sempoi sokmo, haha!
Credits to Azriezal

Touge | Bukit Putus Midnight Balls Out - The Thunderous Dash Through the Night

Last saturday night, 2 April 2011 is the night to remember. The silent of night was broken by the sound of roaring exhaust and squealing tires. The night has just begun, for the first Bukit Putus Midnight Balls Out.

It started 3 days before the event when Shalie Touge-R posted in Facebook about hosting a touge event in Bukit Putus. The event received quite a response, the locals, Amir and Manveen stated their interest and even planning on inviting several local drifters to the event. Touge-G Taka and Jasril is still busy coordinating their event for the night before this event thus have no respond. Krul Botak also stated his interest and will come from Klang Valley via LEKAS highway for fewer authorities. Allen and me will move from Serdang and go via LEKAS highway too.

On the event day, I rented a car for which I thought would just be a normal worn out Kancil. Turns out the rented car is modified and souped up with good engine response and high blasting exhaust. This is gonna be a fun night! Thus we move out from Serdang at 2230H and enters LEKAS highway. The total toll takes up to RM10! Makes me remind myself to take the normal PLUS highway on the next journey.

During the journey to go there, we encountered an accident involving Iswara and Persona, the collision takes almost all the lane leaving only one lane available only filled with broken glasses and oil. We had to do an emergency brake, lucky that the speed wasn't that fast. We stopped by the side and asked around what happenned, apparently the Iswara driver is drunk and entered the highway wrongly to the opposite side. There were 3 cars during the time of collision and the car swayed to the sides, hitting the poor Persona and roll over to the middle of the road, hitting the divider. During the time we stopped ,the Iswara driver is currently battling for his life inside his car, I later received news which came afterwards that the driver passed away.
Reaching Senawang exit, we stopped by the promised Petronas but no one was there, it was 2330H so we took a quick look over the road, finding the best spot for recording the action. Reaching the top, I switched with Allen and its his chance to feel the roads, he was astounded by it. Later we reach back to Petronas on 2350H yet still no sound of the participants! Allen called Shalie and found out that they are still on PLUS highway past Simpang Ampat exit, still another 15minutes at least to reach here. Later Manveen and his KE70 friend arrived and we chatted for a while until Amir arrived. We wait for a while until Shalie arrived with a Neo. Niku Impreza arrived later with his Imprezza followed by unexpected 120Y with Taka and Jasril, then Botak Trafficmag and his friend arrived in Ford Fiesta for observation. After that Krul Botak arrived from Klang Valley saying his car had a hard time to start, leaving Taka and Jasril to go ahead before him.
We then started to hike up to the top with Shalie leads. The group left sudden, leaving us for quick preparation of the recording gears. We then follow afterwards stopping by the selected hairpin for filming. The others then attack Bukit Putus corners round after round, uphill and downhill. Botak Trafficmag stopped by the hairpins to observing the actions, Amir later showed up parked next to us and assist the filming.
After enough actions we then continue the hike to the top, we passed the runners do their fun as they went downhill. During the hike I and Amir had a bit of fun as well, riding uphill with no lights, climbing and passing roads blindly in pitch black, lucky the moon is quite bright and Amir's car is yellow, so the road is still quite visible thou still very limited.

Reaching the top we take a breather and drink up refreshments when a car appeared from Ulu Bendul side with blinding headlights, it turned out to be POLICE! The Nissan X-trail drive next to me and inquires.

"Buat apa ni?"

"Uh, duduk saje-saje lepak amik angin, :D"

"Dari mana ni?"

"Dari Seremban"

"Berapa orang ni?"

"Em, (looking to the others). Tak tahu la saya cik,"

"nak pg mana lepas ni,"

"Er, yg tu ikut haluan masing2 la kot, heheheh"

"ikut haluan masing2 eh..." the policeman nodded and soon drive slowly past the other cars.

The police reached the last car and started to drive away when Shalie, Jasril and Manveen arrived in full speed and blasting exhaust past the police car and parked. The police car startled for a moment and stopped.
But then an Estima drove fast past the police car and straight down to Ulu Bendul. The police car then just continue the slow drive until he is no longer seen. During that time we just acted out cool, taking pictures and chatting when actually in our hearts, is filled with anxiety.

We then decided to drove off from the hill to the nearest mamak and wait for the place to cools off. We decided to take the highway and wangan all the way to Senawang. During the journey there has been a slight problem when the front group dashes fast leaving the others confused on where to go. We stopped by and ask around to where is "Dataran Senawang", our destination. lucky that we find the place.
We sat down and have drinks while we chat and getting to know the other members. Arsenal is playing that night, but we just do not care, except Niku Impreza and his friends which watched with much concentration, haha. We chatted about the roads, the police tragedy and the accident that happened in LEKAS which I later know from Taka of the updates.
Later then Botak Trafficmag left early that night saying he has a coverage to do the next day. Then Niku Imprezza and his friends say they farewells as the night gets late. David and his girlfriend took a leave then as well. Seeing that some members are bored, we decided to head back to Bukit Putus. We stopped by Petronas for refuel and me and Taka departs early to the filming hairpin for the group uphill climb. We took good videos here.
Arriving the top we decide to stay put for a while to make sure the place cools off. But then later we got so lazy to continue to do the runs any longer. We sat there and chatting while disturbing the highway passerby below, mainly motorcyclist. Jasril in particular shouted "TOLONG!!" to the motorcyclist making some of them press on tremling in fear while some looking left and right for the source. It was hillarious, althou I did see some movements one the opposite hill, like a white pillar waving as the wind blows.
Then later on more locals, Pizan Purple in his KE70 and Jijoi with his Startlet arrived via the highway. We sat and chat, they are interested with 120y and Angelic Mirage. Manveen state his leave as he has work to do on the next day, we then see him dashes in his Myvi past the highway. We then continue downhill with Shalie on the lead and followed by 120y, KE70, Startlet, Saga, Kancil and me. Shalie went fast and later lost from the group. I on the other hand was left behind cruising alone to the dark road with memories of the waving pillar and "tolong" sound. I then later catches on with the rest parked on the exit.

We then said our goodbyes, me accompanied by Allen with Taka and Jasril in 120y and Krul Botak's saga went home via LEKAS. We had quite a drama there when we close our headlights and drove blindly in the highway, I know this is not hard to do as we already had experience driving blind in the touge. For people who we passed it is seemed like ghosts.

I and Allen then took the other road heading to Sedang and seperate with the others. It was a great night and then we had a great sleep until I overdued the rent and need to pay extra for the car. haha.
I can't wait for another round of Bukit Putus Midnight Balls Out.

Anyway, enjoy the videos!

Pictures and Videos credited to TakaFuji and Touge-G Official

Thursday, March 31, 2011

086 - DON'T Lend Your Car To A Woman

Aku jumpa kereta ni dekat Old Flat Sri Serdang masa aku tengah nk print assignment. Agak2 kenapa la orang ni frust sgt kn? haha.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

083 - Superhero Yang Betul-betul Wujud

Selalunya superhero ni datang dari cerita-cerita fiksyen TV mcm Batman atau Superman, ada juga cerita yang memaparkan superhero logik seperti Kickass. Tapi Superhero ini memang betul2 ada dan menyelamat penduduk bandar di Seattle, nama dia Phoenix Jones. Bersama-sama dengan pasukan 10 orang yg dinamakan Rain City Superhero Movement mereka menjalankan patrol sekeliling bandar menentang jenayah, memang awesome!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

082 - Video: Lagu Firework Complete Hanya Dari Mulut

Seriously Mike Tompkins ni memang awesome, semua lagu yg diadapatasi complete hanya dari mulut dia je, n hasil dia mmg awesome, mcm dgr kat radio plak. haha. More of his acapella videos on his youtube page, Tompkins .

Friday, March 25, 2011

081 - Iklan Ubat Sakit Kepala Brutal Tapi Kreatif

kekadang terasa mcm nak hentak kepala kat diding je kan bila pening kepala tak terhingga, haha.
Source : adsoftheworld

080 - Video: Cubaan Memukul Perempuan

Jangan pukul isteri kita, nanti kereta kena curik!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

076 - Cuba Sendiri! Penglihatan 3D

korang pernah tak dapat kad hologram 3D? Mcm poster world cup Maxis dulu. Percaya tak korang yg sebenarnya korang boleh buat penglihatan 3D tu dgn mata sendiri. Yep! Ni bukan trick hanya utk orang unik, smua orang boleh buat kalau betul caranya.
Mcmana caranya?
1. Korang fokus pada benda yg paling jauh korang boleh nampak.
2. Pastu satukan kedua2 jari sampai korang nampak mcm ada ebijik sosej atau bebola dari tangan korang menjelma depan mata.
3. Kekalkan fokus tersebut dan bawak jari korang sampai ke depan skrin, lepaskan tangan.
4. Adjust fokus mata sampai korang nampak gambar 3D tersebut.
ps: yup memang sebenarnya kena julingkan mata, heheh. prektis la smp jadik ye. penat tu biasa la. :p
Hint : Ikan

Hint : Bola
Dapat tak?!! Unik kan? kalo korang nk gambar2 selebihnya try visit website dia under source bawah ni.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Saturday, March 19, 2011

074 - Review : Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa

Today I went to The Mines to watch Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa. So far the seats are almost full. I'm lucky I manage to get the middle row seat for best video and audio experience. So what is my verdict?
The cinematography is awesome, the use of camera filters and color are just astounding. The background story is great, it really show what our race is capable of and how epic and great this "Golden Peninsular" is. The cast are excellent; the fighting scene especially is filled with action and gruesome horror, just like watching a real battle. The props are real, the ship, the background buildings and clothing show the cultural of specific Chinese, Indian, Romans and Natives. 
However there’s a lot of mishaps and confusion when i watch it. For example, some of the scene I can't even recognize either it is day or night. Also there are some goofs like the chains on Merong while he was fighting Sunder. Also the plots are sometimes very ridiculous and also illogic I felt I was watching a fairy tale (mind you the producer said to make the story looked logic, that’s why they turned Garuda the big bird into Garuda the pirate). Also the most irritating of all, there's a lot of humor that’s just out of place. Hey, THIS IS AN EPIC FILM, NOT COMEDY. You can add some humor but there must be a limit to it.

SSo far I’m proud with this film, but I’m not moved by it(the tingling sensation when you came out of the cinema that u feel like can be the protagonist itself).
So if assumed Puteri Gunung Ledang is 5 stars, this movie is a 4.

PS: I love Ummi Nazeera in this film, very pretty, woot!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

073 - Asian vs Western

I know as a part of asian, some of us find some of this is not quite right, but for westerners, this is what they find. Western is in blue and asian is in red.
In Trend
 Engaging problems
 Meals a day
 Old people
Source :

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

072 - Speed Dating terbaek!

Will u do this to a stranger u met online? Or if u met someone do this to u will u accept his proposal? huhu. romantik habis!

"Chatroulette is a website that pairs random strangers from around the world together forwebcam-based conversations. Visitors to the website randomly begin an online chat (video, audio and text) with another visitor."

071 - Film Teaser : Mario

Please la buat cerita ni!

Film teaser from SXSW

070 - Jenis Pekerjaan Mengikut Tinggi Seluar

Of course tak applicable untuk Malaysian, tapi still very true!
Kalo taktau Milf tu apa silalah google ye. :p
Source :

069 - iPhone vs BB vs Android

Haha, this is so right!
Yg ni plak apa yg pengguna2 phone kat atas tu tengok pada 2G(GSM n GPRS) phone users.

Source :
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