Sunday, October 24, 2010

021 - Inspirevo-X

After years of collaboration with Lotus and born with it's own models, Proton find it's u-turn and remodel mitsubishi cars like before. Now was it a side-effect of the quarrel between Proton and Lotus? I wonder. However Proton now came up with it's Waja replacement model which is Inspira (more like Lancer replacement model, i think). I'm sure a lot of Lancer owners will be in a butt-hurt. Not only it looked the same, it also has the same engine and interiors.
Now came rumors of R3 division of Proton to produce a 4WD Turbocharged car which will be called Inspira-X. Ironically Lancer has that same car called Evo-X. So is Inspira-X is somewhat a rebadge of Evo-X?

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