Monday, August 9, 2010

002 - My First Time Seeing The Unknown

Guess I started of my story with an experience from me myself. Not taken from anyone.

I could not think n sleep until I told this story, a story happened months ago on this year.

It was 4am I think when I was on my way back home from a birthday party with my friend. I was driving while cruising at a normal rate of 80kmh average.
Then when I was on the KESAS-federal intersection after MRR2, I take a left exit to Seremban. my dear friend was sleeping at the back seats since she was tired, thus I was driving alone.

I dunno if the exit is deserted or not much used nor dangerous. But as I enter the corner i saw something strange, its like a white cloth standing between the trees, my adrenaline rushes as I approaches it closer.

The cloth was so white as if it was just bought, the top of it is tied into a knot like candy, then at the quarter of length there's also a knot tied that made it look like a head, I swear I looked like something I usually saw and heard on TV and movies. but the bottom part is not tied. My heart began trembling, my eyes looked straight to it.

Then as I was as close as a meter to it, the thing bended and jump. Subhanallah, I shocked.....
I froze, but manage to gain strength to drive as my heart was racing. Then after what I remember is that i was screaming like hell. I screams my lungs out. My friend woke up and asked me why. As I was driving into the intersection into the palace of golden horses' roundabout, I took a breath, my throat was irritated to the scream, I gulped and said I saw the thing. She was also shocked, she whispered Subhanalah, Allahuakbar and every other dziqir. I could just silenced.... I asked her to read Qursi, I could not do it, I was trembling as I was also driving.

We just continue until we reached a mamak stall and stopped, we needed some company. until the day breaks.


  1. is that the real pics?.. really scared if i see 1.. woooooooooooo

  2. haha no thats not d real pic. taken from somewhere. i couldnt dare to even stop n snap anymore, just drive till i feel its safe to stop.

  3. huh~is it like candy jumping or fatimah rocker(ponti~) seriously it will be ur nightmare if ur friend suddenly won't wake up wah~~ so much watching horror drama huhh

  4. yeah, luckily she wakes up, im ok with seeing things as long as i see it with someone else together. much like the ones ive seen in sempah, like a blue shirt man that i ran through! and white cloth that fly over my car at one point.


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