Saturday, August 28, 2010

008 - Movie of the Week

Last Friday I was a bit bored and got nothing to do while waiting for berbuka. I assure u the most hard thing to do on Ramadhan is to do nothing because u will end up getting hungry. That's how I end up, so I grab my car keys and went to the Mines for whatever is there, I wasn't planning for a movie actually. When I got there I just found out that this movie is out! So I quickly bought the ticket(no s, yeah i saw it alone).
Overall this movie is freaking funny, yeah watching those stupid Edward and Jacob lovers fight each other with nail clubs, axes and spades really gets into me. Then the plot just quickly follows the run through Twilight's Twilight and New Moon. Will a lot of spin-offs and major hole exposure to both the movies. Although all the stupid stuffs just seems doesn't make sense, but ironically, it does, in literal sense. Thus the movie turns out to be more like Scary Movie and its precedences.
If u say that this movie is for Twilight haters, that is TOTALLY WRONG. In fact if u don't either read the books or watch Twilight Movies before, u won't understand a lot of its humor and it'll turn out boring.
My advice is for those who want to see this movie, do revise Twilight and New Moon so that all it's humor will come to sense and clear. Compulsory.

Rating : 7/10

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